June 4, 2014

Wattpad Wednesday: Cherry Knots

My friends would know that I am pretty much dependent on my cellphone, because it's pretty much my (a) mode of communication with everyone, (b) planner, and (c) my "Kindle".
If you'd ask me, Wattpad is probably one of the applications I use the most (next to Twitter)! I love how you can easily download books for free! :)

For this Wattpad Wednesday, I'm going to share to all of you one of my favorite short stories - Cherry Knots by hepburnettes.

Cherry Knots only has 12 parts which is perfect for quick reads when you're bored in school, in class (hahaha don't read while your teacher is discussing something!!), on your way home, etc. It's a story about how Declan and Eloise fell in love while mastering the art of cherry knotting.

I won't tell you their entire love story, because it's seriously going to be your loss if you won't read the story, no pun intended! The story is well-written, and there was never a dull part. As you progress through the story, you will want to learn how to tie a knot using a cherry (I know I did!), and wish that there were more chapters to it.

Comment down below your current read on Wattpad and let's exchange stories and stuff! Hahahah sounds like a book club!! Wooot :)

X, Trish <3

Ps. This is my first time writing something like this (and I honestly have no clue what I'm doing haha) so please leave suggestions in the comment box as to how I can improve this segment on my blog! Thanks everyone :D

June 2, 2014

Make Something Monday: Brownie a la Mode

Hey everyone! I'm back from a month long hiatus (if you guys didn't notice that already... hahaha). Anyway, I've spent the last two weeks of May thinking of new ideas for my blog, because I realized that there's more to life than fashion!

I came up with "Make Something Monday" and I can't wait to reveal to you guys what I planned for Tuesday to Friday! :) :) :) Moving on, I started working out two weeks ago (May 19), and to celebrate my first day of finally moving my butt, I made myself a quick dessert using all of the things I found in our fridge! LOL.

Here are the things you'll need:
Brownies (I used Lemon Square), Chocolate Ice Cream (Or any kind of ice cream you prefer), Cream-O (if you want the crunchy kind like I do), toppings!

Step 1: Place the brownie in the bowl

Step 2: I crushed two Cream-O cookie pieces and placed it on top of the brownie.
(This part got really messy because I used a small bowl, so I suggest that you place a paper towel underneath the bowl haha)

Step 3: Place the ice cream on top (it doesn't have to be evenly distributed haha mine wasn't). I used 2 variants of chocolate ice cream.

Step 4 (my favorite part): TOPPINGS! I used Stik-O, Hello Kitty marshmallows (pictured above) and Cream-O. Just place it on top of the ice cream and you're good to go!

This is how mine looked like! :)

This dessert is perfect for a hot, sunny day. Comment down below what you want to see during Make Something mondays, and I'll try my best to post it here.

Love, Trish xx