April 4, 2015

Basic Basics


Basics are back! My Instagram feed is filled with "Basic" outfit posts, it's insane! A lot of black, white, and plaids everywhere!

March 21, 2015

Ma Cheri Cakes... and Samantha

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My exams are now finished!! One last push with my research and I'll be saying goodbye to this school year!! YAY!!!!! (Just so everyone knows, I hate this school year with an intense passion...)

March 9, 2015

Appreciation post!!


Hi, I'm blogging again.. Surprise!! Haha. Thank you for reminding me to blog the last time we talked! Do you know how annoying you are whenever you tell me about my first goal (read: trish v 2.0 (15))? Hahaha but I appreciate the effort of you telling me to blog. :)