July 2, 2015

Tips to Survive a Semester in College

I honestly have no idea why I’m writing this, because if you’ll ask my friends, I’m 100% sure I’m the last person they want to ask when it comes to “tips for school” LOL so I guess this is a “read at your own risk” kind of post?? But I swear I tried to make this sound as legit as I possibly could :) (btw this is a rather long  post to make up for the almost 2 months of being inactive hehe)

1.  Sleep
… Um because how else will you stay awake in class with only 28 minutes of sleep?? (that is me trying to input some humor) You don’t want to suddenly turn cranky in the middle of the day just because you’re sleepy and exhausted already, right? Or fall asleep in the middle of class? Or even be called to recite when you’re busy thinking about your bed and pajamas? :p

June 29, 2015


Quick post because I'm sooooo busy with exams (!!!) aaaaand I just wanted to say hello to all of you :) I promise I'll blog something this week (most probably on Friday) and yaayyy haha (I'm so awkward)

X, Trish <3

April 4, 2015

Basic Basics

Basics are back! My Instagram feed is filled with "Basic" outfit posts, it's insane! A lot of black, white, and plaids everywhere!